Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Great First Two Days

As Roxy mentioned in the previous post, we landed safe and sound in Nairobi with all luggage around 12:30am on Wednesday. Pastor Shadrack and Peter the Driver picked us up, took us to Nakumat (the Wal Mart of Kenya) to get bottled water. Along the way we ran into a pack of wild Zebra...just outside the airport. Everyone was pretty excited to see them as it was a good reminder that we really are in Africa. Then we went to the YMCA to get checked it. Everyone was really excited after check in so we had hard time getting to sleep. Most of us didn't go to sleep until around 3am. But we were all awake by 8am the next morning. We met for breakfast and schedule review, then we were off to Mbagathi Hospital for a tour of the facility with our new friend Dr Francis. After touring the hospital and meeting with staff for nearly 3 hours, we went to town to change money. Then we went to Nakumat to gather supplies and eat lunch.

We're winding the day down at the Cyber cafe and trying to get to bed early tonight. Everyone is feeling the effects of jet lag. And we have to awake at 5am tomorrow to hit the road for Lake Nakuru by 6. Tomorrow is Safari day!! Then we'll end the new year at the Kisha service in Mitumba Slum.

We probably won't be posting to the blog tomorrow, but we'll try to we'll try to report back on Saturday as we should have a little free time then.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The team has landed!

I just received word from Chad, the team leader, that the team has landed in Nairobi, Kenya!

It is very late there, so they will pack up their luggage and head straight to the Y for some sleep before a busy day tomorrow. Keep the team in your thoughts and prayers as they travel. Hopefully they are able to get some rest and won't have too much jet lag.

~Roxanna Parker
Trip Coordinator

Monday, December 27, 2010

Only 1 Day To Go!!

Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a great Christmas time with friends and family! I had a blast and it was a really good reminder for me just how blessed we are to have friends and family that care about us. I think for many on this team that is evident in the giving nature of your friends and family in the way they have supported each of you in going on this trip.

We have arranged transportation for those that need it from Bloomington-Normal to O'Hare Intl. I've also confirmed that flights are on schedule in and out of O'Hare, Brussels and Nairobi, so weather pending in Brussels we should have no trouble with transportation. I've also -checked with Pastor Shadrack and Peter "The Driver," and they will have two vehicles at the airport waiting for us upon arrival. It sounds like everyone at REM School in Mitumba is excited for our arrival!

I hope all of your final preparations are going well. I have just a few loose ends to wrap up at work and then I'll be ready to go. I can't wait to meet up with all of you at the airport tomorrow. I hope you're as excited as I am!!

I'm praying for each of you! See ya tomorrow!!

- Chad

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome to the Dec 2010-Jan 2011 GOYA Medical Team Blog!!!

Hey everyone,

This is Chad, the team leader. I'm getting excited about our trip this December.

This blog will be a place for us to collaborate, ask questions, and post thoughts as you prepare for the journey. It's always interesting to look back on these blogs when a team returns just to see how our thoughts and expectations change while we're serving in Kenya.

To friends and family of the team members, I hope you bookmark this blog and check back regularly. Everyone on the team will be invited to participate in this blog and we hope you enjoy reading about preparation, and ultimately the stories of our adventure to Africa!

Looking forward to meeting all of you,