Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Great First Two Days

As Roxy mentioned in the previous post, we landed safe and sound in Nairobi with all luggage around 12:30am on Wednesday. Pastor Shadrack and Peter the Driver picked us up, took us to Nakumat (the Wal Mart of Kenya) to get bottled water. Along the way we ran into a pack of wild Zebra...just outside the airport. Everyone was pretty excited to see them as it was a good reminder that we really are in Africa. Then we went to the YMCA to get checked it. Everyone was really excited after check in so we had hard time getting to sleep. Most of us didn't go to sleep until around 3am. But we were all awake by 8am the next morning. We met for breakfast and schedule review, then we were off to Mbagathi Hospital for a tour of the facility with our new friend Dr Francis. After touring the hospital and meeting with staff for nearly 3 hours, we went to town to change money. Then we went to Nakumat to gather supplies and eat lunch.

We're winding the day down at the Cyber cafe and trying to get to bed early tonight. Everyone is feeling the effects of jet lag. And we have to awake at 5am tomorrow to hit the road for Lake Nakuru by 6. Tomorrow is Safari day!! Then we'll end the new year at the Kisha service in Mitumba Slum.

We probably won't be posting to the blog tomorrow, but we'll try to we'll try to report back on Saturday as we should have a little free time then.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.



  1. So great to hear you arrived safely. I hope someone was able to take a quick picture of those zebras. Have a wonderful day on safari and watch out for those monkeys. They will eat anything. Lifting each of you up by name. Wishing I were there too. Please give the teachers and kids hugs from me. Cannot wait to hear more about your experiences. Take care. Karrie

  2. Hello big brother Dave Jansen and the rest of the team. All of us in St. Rose Illinois are praying for a fruitful mission for all of you! We are happy to know that you are safe!

  3. Mike Jansen wants to relay the message to brother Dave "Happy New Year and see you when you get 'ungawa'!

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