Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick general update

Chad gave me a quick call to update us on what has been happening in general for the team! It was exciting for us to hear news about the changes that are happening in Mitumba!

The last few days have been chaotic but great at the same time! He said that the team members are all healthy and
in great spirits! Keep the team in your prayers as they begin Day 2 of the clinic. They will need energy and time to rest!
Chad says that nobody wants to come home, they are loving Africa too much to leave!

The first day of the medical clinic was pretty much the same as every first day that the medical team has, crazy but good. He thinks they will have a good enough system down to be able to run smoothly and treat more people tomorrow.

Things change so quickly in Mitumba! He said that a Canadian team did construction this summer and everything looks new! The prefab building that was used as classrooms and teachers' lounge that the very first GOYA team constructed is now torn down as well as the building behind it( kind of behind where the flagpole was, directly across the courtyard from the church)with the storage area. They knocked it  over and built a two story building in their place the first floor is open and covers the courtyard area, there are classrooms on the top floor. The courtyard area that was made of dirt is now a concrete floor! Also, they Canadians bought the two homes that were in the middle of the school complex, remember the people that refused to move out? Those buildings were torn down and the area is now an open space. 

I am excited to see photos of all this! Chad says that the whole space looks awesome and it is much easier to conduct the clinic because it is not as cramped of a space.



  1. Cannot wait to see pictures. Glad the flow of the clinic will be better with the updated construction done. Please know that when my chemo starts tomorrow (1/4/11) I will spend time praying for each one of you and all that the medical team will see over the next few days. It's fun to see a variety of you post. Hugs and blessings to each of you.

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